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Wendy, Agreed, knowing the market is imperative. I'm just finding I'm enjoying writing so much lately that it's all I want to do. My stack of wako-ng-toibe-read-botis on my nightstand is glaring at me as I write this. ;-)
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I am an opera singer and my second love and passion is fashion. I am making my own dresses since my early teens. Very often women are begging me to buy my dresses directly from my body. I love very much Alex Perry, and it would be my dream to own Alex Perry’s blue-white Syu-ey-Opera-HodsenBarbie-Dress.I am longing to wear it to my next Concert.If I would win the contest I could ask Alex Perry about this dress.Oh, it would be my dream!Barbara Idzkowska-Curtin
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Sorry about the typo in paragraph three and for teasing you that you have another comment! That sentence should say: “Also, I know we get tired of all the TV crime drma2s…….a21;
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