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Agreed. This is horribly put together. With my Chrome browser, and exnitseons, it completely nullifies my videos a very large amount of the time. It takes about 10 or 15 reloads just to get my video window loaded, instead of gone, let alone playing. It's gotten to the point where I directly edit the URL to completely get rid of the leanback function.
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You put the lime in the couonct and drink the article up.
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I was able to do this, but my body is not very flexible that I could bring my knees all the way to my chest. I could feel titsngehs in my leg(s) (thighs) when I tried to bring one knee to my chest while having the other knee hanging at a 90 degree angle.
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After gluing, I shaped them a little with my hands to re-bend a crease into the corners. But the boxes are still a little bit bulgy and fat, so I wo#n;l&u39dt call it a perfectly crisp crease. I kinda like how they're chubby. :)
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